Polyurethane foam

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Polyurethane foam applications

The flexible polyurethane foam is always the basis of achieved results in innovation of design and in the padded furniture features. From joint research of producers of raw materials and the polyurethane industries, they were born materials with properties, which fit every request form-performance optimization. From the most elastic products to those very "plastic", from the softest to those compact: today they are all available and evolving. The flexible polyurethane foam is a cellular structure polymer whose characteristics of softness and elasticity make it particularly suitable for use as an indispensable element in each padding. The surface softness and a high capacity to support and distribute the weight of the human body are basic requirements for a good padding material and these requirements are widely met by the polyurethane padding. To the qualities of comfort added the breathability.

In contact with polyurethane padding, the heat and humidity of the human body dispersed quickly by generating a feeling of well-being. In addition, the flexible polyurethane foams do not retain dust and are completely safe and non-allergenic. The flexible polyurethane foams have a good behaviour to mechanical stresses arising from the use in the padding materials sector and for other uses. For the quality control of the characteristics of resistance to deformation, carry out stringent laboratory tests (tests of permanent deformation and dynamic fatigue). Another basic characteristic for a good padding is to provide the same level of performance over time. Springback must last for years even after strong compressive stress and exposure to the elements. This guaranteed by flexible polyurethane dimensioned in density, capacity and a thickness of application.

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