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Feather applications

Sometimes it is difficult to justify the difference in price between seemingly similar products. In the sector of padding feather the big brands often, lead justifications related to the brand / designer and to relative costs obviously known to all, but also lesser-known names, which positioned on a medium / high-end costs, offer objective reasons. Let's see them together.

All more or less visible parts of the sofa (fabric quality, mechanical of the sofa bed, drums, pins, ....) will certainly have the quality and durability. As regards the part, which most attracts the attention of the consumer, the pillows, we can highlight a number of elements to understand the difference between a cushion of "value" and an "ordinary" even if the eye, and at first sight, would seem equal.

For example, we need to consider the materials that make up the pillow: the inner lining fabric and the padding, which, as we pointed out earlier, has a decisive impact on the value.
The padding can be made of synthetic material, generally polyurethane or polyester fiber or natural material such as feather and down duvet. It 'easy to understand that synthetic materials are less expensive than natural materials. This is the reason why we often find the two elements form an intimate mixture.

The polyurethane used in the cushions must be preferably high density and low bearing capacity to ensure a quality comfort and durability. Very important to realize the sessions of the layers of different bearing capacity (more rigid part under softer part above) to obtain a superior comfort.
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